2018 Chudleys Gundog Championship Grand Final Results

With the final in sight, Saturday’s Midland Game Fair put through its final set of qualifiers in the Chudleys Gundog Championship, as Sunday welcomed in its most anticipated Grand Final to date. Handlers and their talented companions took to the arena to battle it out in the most competitive of championships with some amazing results.

On the Sunday of the Show, qualifiers from all rounds were welcomed back to arena to partake in the Chudleys Gundog Grand Final. With fantastic cash prizes and the all-important 2018 Championship title up for grabs, competition remained as fierce as ever. Congratulations goes to Brody Chequer who once again stole the 2018 crown from Vicki Stanley who came a very close runner up. As many of our loyal gundog enthusiasts will remember, Brody also took the 2013 championship title, so a huge congratulations goes to him for his well-deserved win.

Take a look at all the results from the weekend below…

Results – Saturday 15th September 2018


Up n over

1st        Brian Hartree and Ziva       15:17

2nd       D. Dedicoat and Purdy        15:50

3rd        Julie Naylor and Fire           15:92


Short Fence

1st        Julie Naylor and Fire           9:28

2nd       Mr Reeve and Jack   9:99

3rd        Ian Currie and Suki  10:22


Long Retrieve

1st        Alison Holden and Amber 17:04

2nd       Paul Whitley and Harper                19:04

3rd        K. Cleary and Barley             19:59


Pic n Mix

1st        Steve Cumbridge and Meg 25:03

2nd       Trev Linfoot and Bob                       28:47

3rd        Kevin John and Bonzo                     29:82


Duck Distraction

1st        Brian Hartree and Ziva                   21:59

2nd       Anne-Marie Jones and Kia 23:72

3rd        Phil Dyson and Fern                        24:19


Pot Black

1st        Steve Townsend and Dee  1.50:77

2nd       Vicky Stanley and Pip                      1.59:39

3rd        Trev Linfoot and Bob                       2.02:99


Working Test Retriever

1st        Charlotte Brown and Edward         1.42:27

2nd       Bob Bowes and Zoe                        1.44:51

3rd        Steve Townsend and Dee  1.46:37


Working Test Spaniel

1st        John Robertson and Ruby  1.45:00

2nd       Peter Rhodes and George  1.45:08

3rd        Brody Chequer and Dave    2.09:20



Retriever:       Charlotte Brown & Edward

Spaniels:       Dave Gallimore and Jimmy White


Chudleys Gundog Junior Championship


Long Retrieve

1st        McCauley Ross and Lillie               25.38

2nd       Lexi Moore and Roxie                     30.21

3rd        Lexi Moore and River                      31.28



Up ‘n’ Over

1st        McCauley Ross and Lillie               16.57

2nd       Holly Dunsford and Remy  17.71

3rd        K. Murdoch and Harley                    18.82


Short Fence

1st        T. Dyson and Willow                       9.94

2nd       E. Davies and Zika                           10.50

3rd        Florence Gaynor and Merlin          11.12


Novice Scurry

1st        Ernie Armstrong and Bran  17:03

2nd       D. Maw and Remy                            19:44

3rd        Tim Neale and Fern                        19:44


Victor Ladorum

Spaniels        Kevin John and Bonzo

Retrievers      Phil Lisney and Tibby



1st        Peter Poole – Qualifier morning

2nd       Lexi Moore – Qualifier 2019

3rd        Talluha Dyson – Qualifier 2019


Sunday 16th September 2018



Up n over

1st        D. Dedicoat and Purdy        14:22

2nd       M. Gaynor and Merlin                     14:34

3rd        M. Beardsworth and Pip     15:05


Short Fence

1st        Steve Townsend and Dee  0:07.70

2nd       Bob Clay and Faye               0:07.75

3rd        D. Dedicoat and Purdy        0:05.22


Long Retrieve

1st        B. Hartree and Breeze                     0:15.12

2nd       R. Bunning and Drake                     0:15.50

3rd        P. Burns and Nala                0:16.78


Pic n Mix

1st        S. Townsend and Dee                     0:20.23

2nd       S. Cumbridge and Meg        0:20.75

3rd        K. Warburton and Echo       0:22.03


Novice Retrieve

1st        D. Stecz and Biz                    0:13.39

2nd       K. Bunning and Rio              0:15.22

3rd        M. Craddock and Bailey      0:15.62


Duck Distraction

1st        D. Stecz and Biz                    0:19.37

2nd       L. Southern and Macy                      0:19.75

3rd        R. Bunning and Drake                     0:19.94


Pot Black

1st        S. Townsend and Dee                     1:42.80

2nd       J. Clarke and Kizzy                1:50.70

3rd        P. Burns and Monty              1:52.68


Chudleys Gundog Junior Championship


Long Retrieve

1st        Keira Murdoch and Harley 17:65

2nd       Lexi Moore and Chance      22:00

3rd        Ebony Davies and Ziva        26:03



Up ‘n’ Over

1st        Florrie Gaynor and Merlin 15:44

2nd       Keira Murdoch and Harley 16:54

3rd        Lexi Morre and Remy                       18:97


Short Fence

1st        Keira Murdoch and Harley 8:91

2nd       Phoebe Brown and Pip       8:97

3rd        Indigo Whitaker Veryard and Buddy        9:44



1st        Keira Murdoch and Harley 47:07

2nd       Lexi Moore and Chance      52:87

3rd        Ebony Davies and Ziva        56:44


Victor Ludorum


1st        Steve Townsend with Dee            88:87

2nd       Maxine Berry and Vespa    91:93

3rd        Kevin Warburton with Echo            96:12



1st        K. A Daley with Halo                        115:60

2nd       V. Otter and Annie               144:27


Working Test Retrievers

1st        Rob Bunning and Drake     1:04:98

2nd       Keith Welsh and Will.I.Am            1:16.19

3rd        Bob Clay and Faye               1:28.28


Working Test Spaniels

1st        J. Robertson and Ruby        1:18.02

2nd       A. M Jones and Tilly                        1:28.50

3rd        J. Close and Bernie              3:10.27


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